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The Importance of Being Prepared

There are a lot of reasons people like to prepare. Some take it to the extreme and are called "Preppers". They may be preparing for a zombie apocalypse, a super volcano eruption, complete financial collapse, or other devastating catastrophes. But what about a prolonged power outage? What about an accident where you spend time in the hospital? What about a loss of income? Being prepared does not necessarily only mean surviving the end of the world. There are important every day things that can be done in the case of a small crisis. Some things that can be done include:

-Have a rotating stock of food and water

-Have extra Medicine

-If financially able, get solar or wind with back up batteries

-Have multiple ways to escape

-Have a plan for your kids/pets

-Have tools and learn how to fix your things

The truth is, the best thing to do to be prepared is to gather knowledge. I am going to be writing a series of blog posts of knowledge I think everyone should have and think about. The what's and the why's. I will be talking to experts in some of these and will be passing the information on to you. If this pandemic has taught us anything, most people, and most governments are NOT able to help us. We should always have a plan to help ourselves.

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