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Why Motorcycles are the Best

There are a bunch of reasons to own a motorcycle. They are fun, they are great for commuting, they are cheaper then cars on gas and insurance. However, in a disaster situation, they are likely the best form of travel away if needed. They have a small footprint so they can manure around obstacles or even light off road. They can also be used to carry a small bag of essentials. IF in the case of a major hurricane, everyone used motorcycles or 4 wheelers for those with kids to move to a safe destination, traffic would likely never become an issue. As far as bikes go, there are a few that are great for escaping disaster.

The Ural

The Ural is a small 750 side car motorcycle capable of carrying three people. In this instance, moving around with children would be one of the best and safest choices.

An Adventure Motorcycle.

Adventure motorcycles are great for dirt riding, long distance touring, and having fun. There are a lot of great bikes in this catagory such as the BMW GS 1250 Adventure or The KTM Super Duke. Their ability to go on and off-road makes them unique in the motorcycle world where fun doesn't have to stop when the pavement does. This also means in an emergency situation, these bikes can be used so that nothing can come between you and escaping.

Dirt Bikes

I am taking the time to teach my family how to ride on a dirt bike. It is important that they learn how to ride, and I want to be the one to get them used to it at an earlier age. When they are old enough, they can take a course, and get their licenses. But it is really important for them to learn how to ride and act in my opinion, as the experiences and knowledge they will gain will have an impact on the rest of their lives. I also want them to know that if an emergency were to happen when I was not around, they have an out if needed.

Harley Davidson

My personal choice in motorcycle, though I will be honest and say I do not own one currently anymore. Harleys have a major benefit in America and the best choice for motorcycle. They have the best dealer network so mechanics are always available. Parts are generally readily available and there is also tremoundous aftermarket support. Lastly, if something were to happen and you were to break down, the chances of another Harley rider to help is high. Harley owners is like being part of a brotherhood and sisterhood, and they look out for each other.

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